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Lorena Costa: Bridging Psychology & Marketing with Passion, Purpose, & CEO Success

In the dynamic realm of marketing, where creativity meets strategy, Lorena Costa shines brightly as an exemplary figure of passion, skill, and empathy. Originating from the vibrant culture of Brazil and now proudly calling New Zealand home, Lorena brings a rich tapestry of diverse experiences and profound insights to her endeavors in the marketing industry. Her journey is one marked by innovation, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Unique Journey in the Marketing Landscape

With a background in Educational Psychology, Lorena’s path into marketing was anything but conventional. However, she quickly realized that her understanding of human behavior provided a potent foundation for crafting compelling marketing campaigns. To Lorena, psychology isn’t just theory; it’s a practical tool that lets her dive deep into consumer motivations and preferences, ultimately driving significant results for her clients.

Dedication to Excellence

What distinguishes Lorena is her unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. Whether collaborating with a multinational corporation or a local startup, Lorena approaches each project with equal enthusiasm and dedication. She firmly believes in the power of fostering strong client relationships, ensuring that their needs are not only met but exceeded every step of the way.

Creativity Fuels Success

Creativity lies at the core of Lorena’s marketing approach. She thrives on brainstorming innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions to help businesses stand out in crowded markets. Whether it’s crafting compelling storytelling campaigns or harnessing the latest digital marketing trends, Lorena’s creativity knows no bounds.

Leading The Web Stars

In addition to her remarkable achievements, Lorena holds the esteemed position of CEO for The Web Stars, a testament to her exemplary leadership skills and business acumen. Under her guidance, The Web Stars has flourished, emerging as a trailblazer in the digital marketing realm.

Community Support Advocate

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lorena is deeply committed to supporting her community. As a former Plunket volunteer, she has firsthand experience in making a difference in the lives of families and children. Additionally, she is the founder of Curuminz, a Portuguese-speaking group for children, and Little Gems, a support group for children on the autism spectrum. These initiatives hold a special place in Lorena’s heart, as her own son is autistic, inspiring her to create safe and inclusive spaces for children and families facing similar challenges.

A Compassionate Leader

Lorena Costa transcends the label of a mere marketer—she is a compassionate leader who utilizes her expertise to create a positive impact on both businesses and communities. Her journey from Brazil to New Zealand epitomizes her resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As she continues to bridge the worlds of psychology and marketing, Lorena serves as an inspiration to us all.

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